My main reason for starting PT lessons with Lena was to increase my flexibility and It took me less than ten minutes to understand that Lena is an educated pedagogue. With ease she identified my problems and immediately she found out what kind of movements that would help me achieve my goals. Lena’s sense of detail is astonishing and her corrections are very effective for creating positive changes in the body! After 20 lessons she still surprises me with her knowledge of the body and her ability to come up with new movements. Her mix of Garuda, (which I love), Pilates, Yoga, Fascia and Dance makes every session a joy. I prefer PT classes because it’s easier for me to achieve my goals when every class is focused on me and on how to achieve my specific goals.  Lena’s PT-classes is for me a game changer. Now I have a different perspective on how to workout. 

– Henrik, Sweden

”I had an incredibly empowering birth experience as I started to notice how much control I had over my pelvic floor. It’s only been a few days but I’m already feeling great in my body (very different from my previous postpartum experience!), so I wanted to say thank you for helping my body prepare for this”

-Shannon, Sweden

I greatly appreciate Lena’s deep knowledge about body function, fascia structures and training methods. She also constantly develops her knowledge and methods in an impressive way. In her sessions, she mixes familiar exercises with new ones, which I feel increases the development of my personal training and body function. Lena also has a great ability to adapt the training to my present body status, for example related to injuries and functional difficulties; at the same time that she encourages me to challenge myself. Lena both has a very humble and attentive attitude towards me as a client, never insisting that we shall follow a preset program but is flexible, and at the same time her professionalism gives her a great deal of integrity so that she is able to provide the adequate degree of challenge and development.

Lena integrates techniques from Pilates, Garuda, fascia release, Yoga, ballet and work-out in an individualized mix designed from her knowledge of my body strengths and weaknesses and gives me personalized challenges. This kind of individualized attention is difficult to achieve during gym training or group classes. As a result, I have achieved increased mobility, better balance and greater “body self confidence”.

Just meet Lena once or twice, and I think you will be convinced that you will get a knowledgeable and professional personal trainer with a deep respect for her clients!

– Suzanne, Sweden

” I asked Lena to help me with nutrition when I found out that I have a PCOS. She made example meal plan for me and told which are hormone friendly foods. If she doesn’t know about something or she is not sure, she will take the find to find out! Also she had pregnancy pilates class for me, which was great. Lena is super kind and professional! I can really recommend her. ”

– Julia, Finland

Lena is very methodical, creative, accurate and committed.

It’s funny that the challenges became more and more difficult and yet the body managed to overcome them. Lena is good at demonstrating how the exercises should be done and very good at correcting to make it right.

Above all, training with Lena has given me more mobility in the chest and upper back; which is important for my other sports (running, tennis, skiing). It has also given me better posture, a much firmer body, increased leg strength and overall better body control.

If you haven’t tried Pilates yet, then you don’t know what you are missing! It is definitely not a quick fix but with patience and focus you will get the results you are looking for!

-Susanna, Sweden

Lena helped me to achieve consistency in my training; her classes and teaching are so good that it became impossible to miss any of her classes – every week I had to go to her class no matter what.

The sessions were unique because she has an eye for every single person attending her class, she can accommodate to every type of attendee, switch languages, correct people and at the same time run her class smoothly. Lena cares about her students. No session was the same; I could feel that each class was thoroughly prepared in advance, so one could never be bored or distracted during her class.

Working out with Lena is different from working with a personal trainer you can find in your local gym because she has a holistic approach around training.  Thanks to her knowledge in nutrition, yoga and dance, her classes are geared towards providing her students the best of all worlds: training while being relaxed and having fun – this is how I would define Lena’s style.

– Molka, Sweden